Get More out of your Harman Pellet Stove!!! 

Go from this—————–TO THIS—!!!


Get 2x the pellets and burn time with our Harman Pellet Hopper Extension!!

This will save you time and aggravation with constantly checking your hopper, the dust and dirt that happens when you fill it and the half empty bag that you probably leave close to the stove—!!

Our Harman Pellet Hopper Extension is manufactured with state of the art laser cut, cnc forming and welded 20 gauge steel by skilled craftsman in Michigan.

Here is the process; After cutting, bending, welding and a quality control check, the Hopper Extensions go to the Powder coating and baking process that give them the long lasting Flat Black finish to match your stove! Then the gaskets and final assembly are done and then a final check of functionality and fit are preformed. 

Choose one of the above sizes of our Hopper Extensions to fit the Freestanding Harman models:

The LP Pellet Hopper for the P61, P61A, P68, PC 45 or the Magnum!

Or the SP Pellet Hopper Extension for the P 38 and P 45 models!

Our Hoppers come complete with lid and upper gasket to insure proper sealing to your stove. Comes complete with a simple set of installation instructions! This is a fast, safe and easy installation that requires 5 minutes of your time and gives you years of help in return! Make this winter easier on yourself and your family not to mention your animals and plants with consistent heat as the answer with our Harman Pellet Hopper Extension!

Free Shipping (to the Lower 48) is our way of saying Thank You!!!

Made and Sold only in America!